(Born about 1700 in England

Philip Chapman I was born in or near London about 1700. The father of Philip , (name unknown to us) was a merchant in London and a man of considerable wealth. There were four children in this family, three sons and one daughter. The names of the other two sons and the daughter are unknown to us. Philip I lived at one time in Ireland, where he engaged in the wool-combing business. He then returned to England. During some of the persecutions in England, Philip Chapman I fled to America for the sake of enjoying liberty of conscience, freedom to worship God according to the views and dictates of his own mind. The exact time when Philip I came to America is not known but it must have been in the first part of the [18th] century. He settled in the state of New Jersey, and later moved to Bucks County, Pennsylvania, where he spent the rest of his life. Philip's son, Benjamin gives this historical sketch of his ancestry:

"The exact time when Philip Chapman reached America is not known. It must have been about the first of the 1700s at least in the course of the first half of that century. He first settled in the State of New Jersey. It is not known how long he remained in that State. Whilst there, he was married - to whom, the writer is not informed. He removed from New Jersey to Pennsylvania, and settled in Bucks County, about fifty miles from Philadelphia. He died and was buried in this county. He raised a family, consisting of two sons and two or three daughters. The name of the eldest was James; that of the youngest, Benjamin. One of the daughters married a Mr. Chaffer; the other, Mr. Brown. The former removed to the State of Ohio; the latter, perhaps, to Virginia. James Chapman, as before stated, married Miss Martha Kirkpatrick; and Benjamin, Miss Acers; when, we are not informed."


"Autobiography of pioneer John Brown, 1820-1896"
(genealogy at end of book - "Pioneer John Brown's genealogy, prepared for publication by his daughter, Rose B. Hayes" p. 431-468)
- "The Life of Alexander Chapman" 1872



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