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Alldredge, Ezekiel 1757-1825, A Biography (rev 1 Jan 2002)

by Tony Alldredge

Ezekiel Alldredge (1757) was born 28 April 1757 in Randolph County, North Carolina, near the present city of Greensboro near Sandy Creek. His father was William Alldredge (1729) and his mother was Elizabeth. Ezekiel was the third of fourteen children, and his father was a carpenter (a “Joyner”) and a builder of mills.

When Ezekiel was about 22 he married Rachel Huff, the daughter of Peter and Nancy Huff, who had immigrated from Germany. Ezekiel and Rachel settled near Ezekiel’s family and raised fifteen children of their own. In 1803, Ezekiel owned 80 acres on “Pleasant Creek” (probably Mt. Pleasant Creek, a tributary of Sandy Creek).

It is likely that Rachel died by 1810, soon after giving birth to her last child, Joseph, on 20 Sept 1809. It would have been very difficult for Ezekiel to care for his young family, and he probably had the older, married children help with the younger ones, such as the baby.

Between 1810 and 1830, Ezekiel and most of his children moved to Posey County, Indiana (in the extreme southwest corner of the state), and the children married and settled there. It would be interesting to know what led them to leave North Carolina, especially in a group. Perhaps they went because the indian wars had recently been concluded and the road through the western Carolina mountains was recently opened. Land would have been less expensive than in North Carolina. Perhaps the passing of their mother left them more free to move.

Ezekiel (1757) died 20 Sept 1824 in Posey County, Indiana.


Per TA’s family records (19):

Born 28 April 1757 in Randolph Co., NC

Died abt. 1825 in Randolph Co., NC

Father: William Alldredge

Mother: Elizabeth

Married Rachel Huff in 1779, born 28 March 1763 in Germany, father Peter Huff, Mother Nancy

Children (all born in Randolph County, North Carolina):

- Samuel, born 28 Mar 1780, married Mary Pugh 18 Jul 1812 in Randolph County, North Carolina

- Ezekiel, born 17 Feb 1782

- John, born 8 Dec 1784

- Aaron, born 24 Oct 1786

- Rosannah, born 2 Jun 1786, married David Bower 22 Sep 1811 in Randolph County, North Carolina

- Elizabeth, born 20 Oct 1790

- Isaac, born 20 Oct 1792, married Polly Kivett, died 27 Mar 1845

- Lenard, born 15 Jun 1794

- William, born 20 Apr 1796, married Elizabeth Carlile in about 1825 (divorced), died 6 Dec 1876

- Parsons, born 13 Jun 1798

- Leah, born 23 Jan 1800

- Nancy, born 15 Mar 1802

- Berthena (or Bethana), born 13 May 1805

- Sarah, born 13 May 1807

- Joseph, born 20 Sep 1809

(Note: There are more details in TA’s family file. The repetition in some dates makes them suspect.)

Orange County was formed 1752 from Bladen and Granville. The Tax List for the year 1755 included William Aldridge 1w p; John Alred 1 w p; Solomon Alred 1 w p; William Alred 1 w p; William Alred 1 w p; Thos. Allred 2 w p. Willliam Aldridge had 256 acres land grant on branch of Sandy Creek, issued 3 Nov. 1756. (Bk. 14 P328 File 312) Nathaniel Aldridge had a grant of 220 acres in Orange, adjoining Thomas Robinson’s place, issued 6 February 1761, also 700 acres on Flat River issued 8 Dec. 1762. (Bk. 14 P328-329 File 311) Just three days later 11th Dec. 1762 Joseph Aldridge had a grant of 455 acres issued to him on Flat River. (Bk. 14 P330 File 317) Guilford County was formed 1771 from Orange and Rowan. Randolph was formed 1779 from Guilford. William Aldridge had land grants of 100 and 184 acres issued to him in 1788 on Sandy Creek water, Randolph County. (Bk. 66 P 373 File 486) Nathan Aldridge had 200 acres isued to hi 24th July 1786 on Mt. Pleasant, Sandy Creek Waters in Randolph. (Bk 99 P 176 File 1072) Thomas Allred had 100 acres issued to him in 1802 on Sandy Creek. Ezekiel Alldredge had 80 acres issued to him 1803 on waters of Mt. Pleasant Creek. Samuel Aldridge had 16 acres entered May 1802 on waters of Buffalo Creek and in March 1811 was issued 75 acres on waters of Pleasant Creek. (Bk 127 P423 File 2252)” (1).

(TA note: One Buffalo Creek is north of Mt Pleasant Creek; one Flat River is east of Haw River.)

The family of Aldridges that settled in Randolph were perhaps children of one William, who came there from Maryland, the same in 1755 tax list of Orange. his sons were perhaps William, Nathaniel, Joseph, Nathan and others. As previously mentioned, William, born 1702, James, born 1706, sons of Nicholas and Martha of Anne Arundel County, Maryland, did travel from maryland to North Carolina at a very early date. One William Aldridge with wife Elizabeth died in Randolph in 1789, leaving a will naming his children. HiHis sons Ezekiel, John and Samuel went to Posey County, Indiana. Nathaniel went to South Carolina, Nathan died in Knox County, Tennessee. Joseph probably died in Orange.” (1)

1779 Tax List for Randolph County lists Elias Allred, John Allred, Jr., Thomas Allred, William Allred and James Allred. (The N. C. Quarterly Journal-March 1952) Persons that hath not taken oath of allegiance and returned inventories of their taxable property, in Joseph Hend’s Dist. John Allred, Wm. Allred, Sr., Wm. Allred, Jr., Wm. Alldredge, Nath’l Alldredge and Thos. Arledge.” (1)

Other land grants in North Carolina. Joseph Aldridge 100 acres issued 1794 and again 100 acres issued 1812 in Surry County. (File 2648-1633) Isham Aldridge 50 acres issued 1798 on branch of Beaver Creek, Wilkes County. William Aldridge 105 acres issued 18th Aug. 1787 on Jett Creek Caswell County. Nathaniel Aldridge had three grants containing 200 acres issued 1779, on Falls Branch 180 acres issued 1775 on Bridge Creek. 100 acres issued 1770 on branches of Little Catawba River in old Tryon County. Ca...o Aldridge acres not given July 1794 Mecklenberg County.” (1).

Orange County - Deeds: Wm. Aldridge to Nathaniel Howard for 54 acres of land. (Deeds Aug. Courty 1761 p 54) Nathaniel Aldridge to James Foster for 35 acres of land. (Ibid May Court 1765 p22) Daniel McDaniel to Wm. Aldridge for 100 acres. (Ibid May Court 1765 p 24) Wm. Aldridge to Absolam McDaniel for 100 acres. (Ibid April Court 1768 p 62) Absolam McDaniel to James Aldridge for 50 acres. there was a very close relation between Orange, Guilford and Randolph. Land first in Orange could have later been in Guilford and later in Randolph. These lines were in controversy for a long time.” (1)

The following is the verbal and last will of William Aldridge late of Surry County, made in his last sickness; and departed this life on the 25th May 1803 and has been since committed to writing. ...”My will and desire is that my tract of land containing one hundred acres be equally divided between my two sons Joseph and James and that my wife live on the same during widowhood provided she continues to keep an orderly house; As to my perishable property my desire is that my trusty friend henry Hemrick dispose of that among my family as he may think most proper.” Made and done in the presents of us, who was in his presents and in the presents of each other. Signed: George Hemrick and Sarah Hemrich, her mark. (Bk. 3, p 59 Surry Co. N. C.) The son Joseph was perhaps the same that had land grant there 1794 and 1812. Milly in 1810 consus could have been the wife he mentions that was still living. The son James may have been the “Long Hunter: who lived in Ashe and Watauga Counties.” (1)

The 1790 Census for Randolph County, North Carolina lists an Ezekiel Alred with one male over 16 (father Ezekiel), three males under 16 (Samuel would have been 10, Ezekiel Jr. 8, John 6, and Aaron 4), and three other females (Mother Rachel and Rosannah, who would have been 2). Elizabeth was not born until October 1790, so was not likely included. It is possible that Aaron, age 4, was mistaken by the census taker as a female. (2)

The 1800 Census for Randolph County, North Carolina lists an Ezekiel Aldridge with a male over 45 and a female under 45 (Ezekiel would have been 43 and Rachel would have been 37), three males under 10 (Parson would have been 2, William 4, Lenard 6, and Isaac 8), three males under 26 (Aaron would have been 14, John 16, Ezekiel Jr. 18 and Samuel 20), one female under 10 (Leah was a baby-born in January 1800), and two females under 16 (Elizabeth was 10 and Rosannah was 12). While the numbers don’t fit exactly, it seems close enough to be a likely fit, considering possible error on the part of the census taker or the person taking count. (2)

The 1810 Census for Randolph County, North Carolina (13) shows an Ezekiel Aldridge over 45 years (Ezekiel would have been 53) with another male under 45 (a brother? - the last child was born in 1809, so Rachel could have died), two males under 16 (Joseph would be about a year old, Parson 12, William 14, and Lenard 16) and one male under 26 (Isaac would be 18). Aaron would have been 24 and he and the older boys would likely have moved or married. If Rachel had died, it is possible that the baby Joseph and possibly one of the teen boys would be in the custody of a married child.

The 1815 Tax List for Randolph County, North Carolina (14) shows Ezekiel Alridge with 300 acres on Mr. Pleasant Creek (1 white poll and 2 slaves).

The Posey County, Indiana probate listings show "ALLDRIDGE, EZEKIEL Sept. 20, 1824 1831 Parison and Isaac Alldridge adminstrators (SIC) with Aaron Burlison and Elijah Aldridge securities." (20)

Family records indicate that Ezekiel died about 1825 in Randolph County, NC (19).

The 1830 Census for Randolph County, North Carolina (15) shows no recognizable descendant of Ezekiel except possibly John’s wife Jane (see comment under John below).

Cemetery records for Posey County, Indiana (17) show that dozens of Alldredges were buried there, including many in the early 1800’s. It appears that Exekiel (1757)’s children settled there, so many of these would be their descendants. Several uncles and/or cousins apparently settle there before Ezekiel’s children (e.g. John Aldridge, died 1809 in Posey County – possibly an uncle; William Allredge, died 1816 in Posey County – possibly an uncle; Henry Alldredge, died 1827 and Rachel, Henry’s wife – Henry was possibly an uncle; Mary J. Aldridge, wife of F., died 1843 in Posey County; Francis Allredge, died 1837 in Posey County; Alonzo J. Allredge, died 1850 in Posey County; Reuben Allredge, died 1840 in Posey County; Lucinda Allredge, died 1838 in Posey County; Samuel, consort of Sarah, born 13 Feb 1790, died 5 Dec 1870 in Posey County – probably a cousin). The “Alldredge Cemetery” is located “off the first road west of Grafton and the first road to the left, then back through a field”. Many Alldredges (with various spellings of the name) were buried in other cemeteries in Posey County, especially Dunn and Black cemeteries. (17)

Notes on Ezekiel’s and Rachel’s Children:

Samuel Aldridge, (b. 28 March 1780 in Randolph County, North Carolina):

Randolph County, North Carolina marriage records (10) show that Samuel Alldridge married Mary Pugh there on 18 July 1812. This agrees with other family records (19). The 1820 Census for Posey County, Indiana (9) shows a Samuel Aldridge aged under 45 and wife 26-45, with 3 youth under 10. This census shows another Samuel Aldridge and wife over 45 with 9 younger people – however, this is probably not our Samuel, but is more likely a cousin or uncle.

The 1830 Census for Posey County, Indiana (8) shows a Samuel Alldredge aged 40-50 with a female 40-50 and 5 young people. This could be our Samuel.

The 1840 Census for Posey County, Indiana (7) shows a Samuel Aldridge aged 60-70 with a female 50-60, and a male and a female, both 20-30. This could also be our Samuel.

A “Samuel” was buried in the Alldredge Cemetery in Posey County in 1825 – possibly an uncle (Ezekiel’s brother Samuel was born 1773). Of course, it could also have been someone who died young. (17)

A Samuel Alldredge was administrator for the estate of Henry Alldredge who died insolvent July 3, 1830/1831. William and Aaron Alldredge were pledged for security. It is not clear how Henry fits into the family, but this is likely our Samuel. (20)

One researcher (26) lists the following for Samuel, son of Ezekiel (1757):

Samuel Alldredge, b 1780 in NC, d 1840 in NC, sp Mary Pugh, b 1787. Children:

Sophia, b 1818 in NC

Polly, b 1820 in NC

Samuel, b 1822 in NC

Parsons, b 1824 in NC

Calloway, b 1828 in NC

Ransom, b 1832 in NC

Susannah, b 1835 in NC

Alson, b 1837 in NC

Ezekiel Aldridge (b. 17 Feb 1782, d. 3 Aug 1867):

An Ezekial Alldredge married Duty and they gave birth to the following children, all in Illinois (25):

Ezekial Jr, b 1 Dec 1806

Martha, b 24 Jun 1808

Russell Duty, b 28 Apr 1810

William Warren, b 8 Oct 1812

Andrew Jackson, b 14 Apr 1814

Peter H., b 27 Apr 1817

Nancy Eliza, b 9 Mar 1819

The 1820 Census for Posey County, Indiana (9) shows an Ezekiel Aldridge aged 26-45 with wife 26-45 and eight young persons.

Ezekiel Aldridge was a witness in the trial of John Henson in Posey County, Indiana in August 1826. Other witnesses included William Kinney and Hiram Bradley. (23)

The 1830 Census for Posey County, Indiana (8) shows an Ezekiel Alldredge aged 40-50 with 6 young persons. If this is our Ezekiel, it is possible that his wife died.

(TA note: The solo listing of this Ezekiel in the 1830 census is reason to believe that the 1824 probate is for Ezekiel, Sr.)

An Ezekiel Alldredge married Mary Self in Posey County, Indiana 17 Aug 1832. (24)

An Ezekiel Aldridge married Louisana Earles in Posey County 12 May 1842. (24)

One researcher (26) lists the following for Ezekiel, son of Ezekiel (1757):

Ezekiel Alldredge, b 1782 in NC, d 1867 in NC. Children:

Andrew Jackson Alldredge, b 1814 in Posey Co, Indiana, d 1855, sp Julia Ann Coz or Cox, b 1827, d 1880.

John Alldredge (b. 6 Dec 1784):

One source indicates that John married Jane Roberson 10 Jan 1830 in Posey County, Indiana (5). This agrees with family records (19). The marriage record itself agrees on the date and location, but, while in longhand and not entirely clear, seems to indicate that his wife's name was Jane Robinson (22). However, there were several Robersons in the area at the time, so the name could be Roberson.

The 1830 Census for Randolph County, North Carolina (15) shows a Jane Alldridge, age 40-50 (John would have been 46) and one male 15-20 years old. It is possible that John’s wife and a teenage son (from a previous marriage?) or nephew were caring for someone or something there or were visiting.

A John Alldredge died 1877 in Posey County, Indiana (20). If this is our John, he would have been 91 years of age (not likely).

Aaron Alldredge (b. 24 Oct 1786):

An Aaron Alldredge married Charity Webb 14 Aug 1833 in Posey County, Indiana (6) (24) - may not be same Aaron since other family records (19) indicate his wife as Nancy. (Note: This Aaron also has an uncle – Ezekiel’s brother – named Aaron Aldridge). An Aaron Aldridge married Nancy Atherton in Marion County, Indiana 30 Oct 1831. (24)

Aaron Aldridge was a witness in the divorce proceedings for William and Jane Self in Posey County, Indiana in September 1823. Other witnesses included Rubin Aldridge and John Carson. (23)

A Samuel Aldridge died 1857. "Heirs listed include father Aaron Aldridge, brother Becni Aldridge, sister Nancy..., Elizabeth Aldridge, Margaret, Monroe, Mary Richards, Mary Moore, and nephews John, Jonathan, and James Webb." (20).

Rosannah Alldredge (b. 2 Jun 1788):

Randolph County, North Carolina marriage records (10) show that Rosannah Alldridge married David Brower there on 22 September 1811. This agrees with other family records (19).

One researcher (26) lists David Bower/Brower’s birthdate as 1790).

Elizabeth Alldredge (b. 20 Oct 1790):

Family records indicate that Elizabeth was born 20 Oct 1790 in Randolph County, NC (19).

Elizabeth Aldridge married Francis A. Murray 13 Jan 1822 in Posey County (22). (TA note: The longhand on the marriage record is beautiful, but not clear - Francis' last name may not be spelled correctly here) Another source (typed) gives her husband's name as Francis S. Muncy. (24)

Isaac Alldredge (b. 20 Oct 1792, d. 1845):

See separate biography - married Polly Kivett in Posey County, Indiana 1821 – died in Jackson County, Illinois 1845.

Lenard Alldredge (b. 15 Jun 1794):

William Alldredge (b. 20 Apr 1796, d. 6 Dec 1876):

Several William Alldredge marriages are shown in Posey County, Indiana - one or more of these could be for this William (3). Among these are the following:

Rhoda Roberson 12 May 1816

Betsy York – license granted 25 Dec 1816 (3), married 7 Jan 1817 (22)

Elizabeth S. Brower 9 April 1835

Sarah Ashworth 29 Aug 1839

Family records (19) indicate that William married Elizabeth Carlile about 1825 and died 6 Dec 1876.

The 1820 Census for Posey County, Indiana (9) shows two William Aldridge’s aged under 45. One William household had a female under 10 and another 16-26. The other household had three males 16-26 and two females under 10.

The 1830 Census for Posey County, Indiana (8) shows a William Alldredge aged 30-40 with wife of same age and 6 young persons. This could be our William.

A William Aldredge died in 1849 in Posey County, Indiana, leaving a wife, Elizabeth and "other heirs Elizabeth and Amanda Aldredge (20). There were many William Aldridges in the area at this time, but the timing and the wife's name fit, so this could be our William (1796).

A William Alldredge died 11 Oct 1833. “Parson Alldredge adminstrator (SIC) with Archer Robinson and Eli Alldredge security. Heirs wife RHODA who was appointed guardian for children in 1834. Children include DELELA WALKER ALLDREDGE, POLLY R. ALLDREDGE, MARIAH ALLDREDGE, SARAH M. ALLDREDGE, C. H. PERRY ALLDREDGE, AND TABITHIA JONES THE WIFE OF SAMUEL JONES the latter a non resident.” (20)

One researcher (26) lists the following for William, son of Ezekiel (1757):

William Alldredge, b 1796 in NC, d 1871 in NC, sp#1 Elizabeth Carlisle, b 1800, sp#2 Dicie Ann Davis, b 1815. Children:

James Person, b 1832, sp#1 Cynthia Lee, sp#2 Elizabeth Ledbetter

Mary Jane, b 1836, d 1902, sp James Reily Gullett

Julia Ann, b 1838, sp Cain

John Moody, b 1840, sp Sarah J. Littleton, b 1850

Sarah E., b 1843, sp Cain

Amelia A.

Bazel D.

William Allen

Parsons Alldredge (b. 13 Jun 1798):

Parsons married Polly Roberson 13 March 1824 in Posey County, Indiana (3) (22). This agrees with other family records (19).

The 1830 Census for Posey County, Indiana (8) shows a Person Alldredge aged 30-40 with 4 youth under 5, 2 males 20-30 and 2 females 20-30 (9). If this is our Parson, it is possible that his wife died and he had two couples living with him.

Randolph County, North Carolina marriage records (11) show that a Parsons Alldridge married Elizabeth Moon there 4 November 1845.

A Parson Alldredge was the first Justice of the Peace in Victoria, Knox Co., Illinois. All of those buried in the Victoria cemetery use the “Alldredge” spelling. (per Patti Lawson email, no source given).

A Parson Alldredge died 1887 in Posey County, Indiana (20).

Leah Alldredge (b. 23 Jan 1800):

Married Archer Roberson 5 Aug 1820 in Posey County, Indiana (4) (22) (24). This agrees with other family records (19) except family records show the date as 8 Aug 1820. The county marriage records indicate that the license was obtained 5 Aug, but do not give a date on which the marriage was solemnized. It is possible that the family record is correct.

Nancy Alldredge (b. 15 Mar 1802):

According to two sources, Nancy married Peter Goad (or Good) 16 April 1823 in Posey County, Indiana (3) (22). These agree with family records (12), except family records show the husband’s name as Peter Good. The longhand in the marriage record (22) could be read either Goad or Good. 16 April was the license date and no date for solemnizing the marriage is given (sometimes the same day and sometimes several days later). Another source (typed) (24) gives Peter's last name as Goad.

Bethena Alldredge (b. 13 May 1805):

Sarah Alldredge (b. 13 May 1807):

A Sarah Aldridge married Amasiah Mullen in Carroll County, Indiana 23 Feb 1836. (24) A Sarah Aldridge married Jahiel Allen in Posey County, Indiana 10 Oct 1850 (24). A Sarah Jane Aldridge married William Watson in Warren County, Indiana 11 Apr 1850. (24) It is not clear if any of these is our Sarah.

Joseph Alldredge (b. 20 Sept 1809, d. 1845/1855):

According to Aldridge Record, Joseph married Hester York 15 April 1827 in Posey County, Indiana (4). This agrees with family records (19), except family records show her name to be Gester York and the date to be 14 April 1827. However, the marriage record itself gives the license date as 14 April, the marriage date as 15 April and the name as Hester (22). Joseph's probate records also show her name as Hester (20).

The 1830 Census for Posey County, Indiana (8) shows a Joseph Alldredge aged 20-30 with wife 20-30 and one young person under 5.

Joseph died in July 1845/1855. “Schubel York administrator. Heirs widow HESTER, children CAROLINE, EUNICE, JOHN ALDRIDGE. Caroline and Eunice were infants." (20)

Verification of Vital Statistics

Birth: Family records give a date and a place for Ezekiel’s birth, but no primary records are referenced.

Death: An Ezekiel Alldredge died 1824 in Posey County. It is likely this is our Ezekiel.

Parentage: The will of William (1729) lists Ezekiel among his children.

Spouse(s): Family records give Rachel as Ezekiel’s wife, give the year of their marriage and give her birthdate, but no primary records are referenced. The “History of William B. Alldredge” (12) (Ezekiel’s grandson by Isaac) also gives Rachel as Ezekiel’s wife.



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