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According to DNA evidence our branch of Alldredges descend from the Alldredge family of early-day Anne Arundel County, Maryland. We do not yet have the link from Maryland to North Carolina where our first known ancestor -William Ezekiel Alldredge, who was born in 1729. It is thought by researchers that James Aldridge (1706) and Mary Gassaway who moved from Anne Arundel county near the present city of Baltimore. The spelling of Alldredge was first seen in records about this time being unique to this branch of the family.
William Alldredge (1729) was probably born in the  Sandy Creek area southeast of Greensboro, North Randolph
            County NCCarolina. William was a joyner (carpenter) and builder of mills.  William married Elizabeth (last name unknown) about 1752 and together they had fourteen children between 1753 and 1779: Mary, William, Ezekiel, Bethana, John, Sarah, Isabel, Sophia, Rosanna, Susannah, Samuel, Aaron, Moses, Marriate or Mariah. William passed away 13  November 1789 and Elizabeth died nearly four years later in 29 October 1793. They are both buried in the Old McMasters Cemetery in Randolph County, North Carolina (Latitude: 35.80690, Longitude: -79.60250).
-Ezekiel Alldredge was the third child of William and Elizabeth Alldredge. Ezekiel was born 28 April 1757 in Randolph County, North Carolina near Sandy Creek. At the age of 22 he married Rachel Huff, the daughter of Peter and Nancy Huff, who were from Germany. Ezekiel and Rachel settled near his parents and were the parents of fifteen children. Ezekiel owned 80 acres on Pleasant Creek, a tributary of Sandy Creek. Rachel died in 1810 leaving Ezekiel to manage his large, young family alone. Ezekiel and most of his family later moved to Posey County, in the extreme southwest corner of Indiana. His children married and settled there in this area that was newly opened for settlement. Ezekiel (1757) died 20 September 1824 in Posey County, Indiana.posey county indiana
-Isaac Alldredge (the first) was born
20 October 1792 in Randolph County, North Carolina to Ezekiel and Rachel Huff Alldredge. Isaac was the seventh of fifteen children. Isaac also grew up in the Sandy Creek area. He moved to Mt. Vernon, Posey County, Indiana with his brothers.  Isaac married his first wife, Polly Kivett in April 1821 in Indiana. She was a widow with one child. In 1822 twins were born to Isaac and Polly Alldredge:989898 Ezekial Brower, a black-haired, brown-eyed boy and a girl, Hannah, with red hair and blue eyes. (Hannah may have died in infancy.) A girl, Elizabeth, was born Dec. 19, 1823. Polly Alldredge died at the birth of this child. Isaac married Mary Jane Caruth on 23 February 1824 in Posey County, Indiana. "According to family records, Isaac had almost finished building their house when one day coming home from work he saw that Mary Jane had set fire to the house and was running away. He called to her to come back, but she went on. It was believed by some that she went crazy and that is all we know of her history. Isaac was granted a divorce from Jane in February 1827." (from Tony Alldredge's research) Isaac then went to Jackson County, Illinois on the Mississippi River. Here he met and married Mary Brown Wilks, a widow with three sons about 1832. Isaac and Mary Alldredge settled in Jackson County, Illinois and had four children together: William, Parsons, Martha, and Isaac. In 1845 Isaac Alldredge died in Jackson County, Illinois. His wife passed away about 1849 in Perry County, Illinois.
-Isaac Alldredge (the second) was born 25 July 1843 in Jackson County, Illinois. His father, Isaac (1792) died when he was just two and his mother died when he was six. As an orphan he lived with various family members in Illinois until he came to Utah in 1852 with his mother's youngest brother, Pioneer John Brown. Isaac Alldredge joined the LDS Church in Utah. He served a mission to Europe from 1866 to early 1869. He married Susannah Evans of Lehi, the daughter of David and Barbara Ann Ewell Evans in the Endowment House in Salt Lake City on 10 March 1870. They were the parents of ten children. Isaac and his wife first lived in Lehi, Utah where he was a farmer and taught school in the winter, they later moved to Deseret in Millard County then Ferron in Emery County. Isaac and some of his family moved to Mexico in 1902 joining other LDS in the Mexican colonies. Isaac lived several place in Mexico and Arizona during the next few years. After the Mormons had to leave Mexico in 1912 Isaac and his wife lived several places finally spending the final years of their lives in Mesa, Arizona where Isaac started a corn popping business. His wife Susannah died on 23 July 1932 and Isaac died on 24 September 1836. They are buried in Mesa, Arizona.
-Isaac (1843) and Susanna Alldredge's son, Isaac (the third) was born 13 October 1870 in Lehi, Utah. Isaac (1870) move to Deseret with his family where he met and married Sarah "Annie" Western in 1888. They had nine children. Isaac and his family also moved to the Mexican colonies where he met and married Maria Delila VanLeuven as a second wife in 1902. They had six children together. Isaac and his families left Mexico and lived many places including Nevada, Utah and Arizona. Delila and her family joined her parents and siblings in the settling of Mt. Trumbull, Arizona (about 80 miles south of St. George) Annie's family moved to the Delta area then St. George. Delila's family moved to St. George, in the 1930s where they spent the rest of their lives. Isaac Alldredge (the third) died at at 93 at his son's home in Las Vegas, Nevada on 10 June 1964. Delila Alldredge died 17 February 1983 in St. George, Utah a few months after her 100th birthday.
-Verl Alldredge is the son of Isaac (1870) Alldredge and Delila VanLeuven. He was born 6 September 1918 in Mesquite, Nevada and passed away on the eve of his 90th birthday on 5 September 2008. Verl and his wife have eight children - four sons and four daughters. Verl was a milkman by trade and taught his children the value of work, faith and honesty.  -CBA (with much credit to Tony Alldredge's research and notes)


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